Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

Modern life is impossible without zinc and at the same time zinc underlies in the process of galvanizing. Zinc undergoes rolling, pressing, die forming in cold state as well as at the temperature 130-170°C very well.

It is used for anticorrosion protection of steel, in production of zinc white, sheet zinc at the metallurgical industry as well as casting leaden alloys and copper-zinc alloys. Zinc is also applied as a material for cathode in the chemical current sources. It is a part of many brazing alloys in order to decrease their fusing point.

Fusion temperature is 419 °C.

Zinc has many other applications:

-     in brass and other alloys;

-     in the automotive equipment, household things, tools and toys;

-     in the construction and modeling;

-     in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, cosmetics;

-     the tire and rubber products;

-     in fertilizers and feed supplements.

Zinc is an essential element for human health and for all living organisms.