Power engineering

Power transmission towers, connectives and suspended fittings for wire, transformer units, elements of supporting and bearing structures for gas and electric power substations, pipeline supports, towers, bridges for cable channels, conduit run.


Radio masts of cellular and radio communication, retransmitters for telephone communication, fasteners, conduits and ducts for cables and wires.


Supporting fences, railings and noise-attenuating enclosures, bridge structures and pipelines, safety barriers, marker posts, working platforms, water-discharge pipes and drain-pipes, supports for roadway markers, lighting towers, reinforcing meshes.

Industrial and private engineering

Building frames, steel large-panel form, façade panel, railing, embedded parts, bridges, frames, hatches, gratings, stair railings, drain system, window casts, guard hoods for ventilation and other construction fabricated metals.


Elements that are used in agriculture and cattle breeding, cellulose industry, elements of constructions that are used for treatment of waste water and other industrial equipment, steel doors and windows, storehouses and hangars, supporting elements and bridges for cranes, sluices, various containers, bunkers, reservoirs, awnings, elements of greenhouses and other constructions.

Municipal infrastructure

Bollards, bridges, flagstaffs, elements of advertising constructions, steel gratings and other decorative barriers, stairs, ladders, metal sculptures, dustbins, elements of bus stops, sports and playing grounds, park benches.